Z To A Method

Z to A Method

January 12, 2019In Articles2 Minutes

I’m going to tell you my secret to reaching the finish line every time. I accomplish every single goal in my life by utilizing a method called the Z to A Method.

Here are the steps that accomplish the Z to A method.

  • D – Define the Goal
  • O – Outline Requirements
  • I – Identify Your Aces
  • T- Take Action

Let’s break down these steps to understand why this reverse engineering philosophy is going to change the way you think about problems.

Define the Goal

You have to have a clearly defined end goal. A roadmap has to have a starting point (aka today, point A, or the status quo) and an end point (aka the goal, point Z, or the change). This applies to every single goal you could ever want to take on. From wanting to save for the new car you want to buy to wanting to double your year over year revenue.

Outline Requirements

Defining milestones is utterly pointless. Define the requirements you need to have to guarantee that you will meet your goal. We’re all aggressive entrepreneurs at heart and we know that if were given the tools to succeed we would always reach the finish line. What tools do you need? Do you need a savings account and a way to deposit 5K every month to afford that car? Or maybe you need to launch your product in a new international demographic to guarantee doubling your revenue.

Identify Your Aces

Realize that all of the requirements are possible. Whether someone has done it before or someone hasn’t… it is possible because you HAVE to do it to create the change that you innately need to have.

  • People in your network who are perfect
  • Great ideas from the planning phase
  • Favors you can leverage

Take Action

Take the extreme ideology that you can do it, and start taking action to reach the requirements – and don’t let anything stop you from hitting every requirement in the time frame that you choose… and if you need more time then so be it – take it!