Gear & Setup

Behind every successful business is a host of different brands & products that help you reach your goals.

I wouldn't be where I am today without some amazing gear that has helped increase my efficiency, minimize my costs, and ultimately provide my clients with the best services I can provide. So I'm sharing with you some of these brands & products that have made me successful!

Computer Accessories


Logitech has a wide selection of high quality yet affordable computer accessories that can adapt for everyone's workspace. All the accessories are easy to set up and can "speak" to each other seamlessly, and that's why a majority of my tech accessories are Logitech.

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Web Hosting

WP Engine

Whenever anyone asks me what web hosting platform to pick, I always recommend WP Engine. It integrates seamlessly with WordPress, their interface makes it easy to manage multiple sites at once, and their customer support is top-notch!

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Pocket Tripod

You never know when inspiration for a new video is going to strike, so I suggest every videographer invest in a pocket tripod. It makes video-making on-the-go so much easier, and it's so small that I can store it in my wallet.

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