I build successful companies and brands with my novel approach to developing roadmaps to success with guaranteed and proven revenue models. Credited as a pioneer in social media influencers and contributed as the creator of attribution segmentation in e-commerce operations.

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My passion is working closely with interesting companies to visually elevate their brand. Sometimes I am even available to develop new freelance projects. Let's talk & find a fit.

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At some point in the journey of becoming both an entrepreneur and a content creator I decided to trademark my name… Ankur K Garg™ (aka me) is a seasoned entrepreneur and brand strategist with over 20 years of experience building service-based agencies and consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands.

With my culmination of life experiences, I keep finding myself in scenarios where I get to disrupt branding and marketing within industries. The key moment where this was displayed was when I had an opportunity to bring the concept of infamous nightlife promotions into e-commerce models by developing influencers with attribution segmentation in 2011. So, when they say I was one of the guys behind the concept of social media influencers during the nascent years of Instagram, you could say that I’m the godfather of custom sales channels with influencers.

My career in consumer packaged goods (CPG) with both direct-to-consumer (DTC) and domestic/international distribution (DID) reached levels far beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. I feel blessed to have been a part of global brands such as SHREDZ Supplements, Flavor God Seasonings, Skinny Bunny Tea, Grill Party BBQ, and many more.

I finally got a chance to flex my skills in the last five years when I exited my various startups and entered the world of consulting for other brands while developing relationships with manufacturers around the world and spreading my wings into new opportunities with marketing pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Today I spend my days as an investor, content creator, and C-suite-level executive with a selective set of clients and projects that are on a mission to truly make a difference in the world. I’ve aligned myself on a mission to help solve world hunger, help revolutionize the methodology behind creating civic awareness of new and exciting brands, and help the large community of entrepreneurs who need mentorship and guidance to succeed.

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