Ankur Garg born October 25, 1985 in Lucknow, India; is an author, brand strategist, public speaker and internet personality. First known as a pioneer in social media influencer marketing. Garg is best known for his role in launching consumer packaged goods brands SHREDZ Supplements, Flavor God, Skinny Bunny Tea; founding and Chairman of California based entrepreneurship App: Youngry; and as CEO of AKG Creative Incorporated.


Aut inveniam viam aut faciam.

Ankur K Garg's Story:

Ankur K Garg is the chairman of AKG Creative Inc, a consumer packaged goods (CPG) holding company, and the active Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of SDC Nutrition, a full-service supplement contract manufacturing company servicing hundreds of clients across the world.

In addition to running AKG Creative, Ankur also serves as a partner and founder of entrepreneur accelerator agency Youngry, and venture capital fund King Midas Group.

Ankur is currently featured on several podcasts:

  • Rogue Visionary, an online series highlighting what it’s like to create a company that earns over 100 million dollars – lose everything – and then rebuild.
  • We Make Supplements, an ongoing bi-weekly series that pulls the curtain back for everyone to see transparency within the supplement industry.
  • Beer and Samosas, an audio only podcast that features up and coming South Asians in Media, Business, and Culture.
  • Meat & Potatoes, co-hosted by Ludwig Araujo, is an educational series on YouTube to teach local businesses how to grow their business.

Ankur is the author of Z to A Method and also appeared as a contestant on the Sony Entertainment Television original show in “Meet The Drapers” as a contestant in 2017.

Early Life

Ankur K Garg was born in Lucknow, India on October 25, 1985 as the only child of Rajbala Garg and Narendra Garg. His parents left India with the dream of creating a new life in America in 1985. While his entire family shared a one bedroom studio his parents were working multiple jobs while repeating college to secure a degree that would be validated in America.

As a young child, Ankur and his family moved from city to city following his father’s career as a computer engineer in the military and various Fortune 100 companies. The Garg family finally established roots in Lawrenceville, NJ in 1997 where Ankur’s entrepreneurial spirit was born.

In Lawrence High School high school, Ankur placed top 10 on the national level in DECA within hospitality marketing and was the first person in Lawrence Township, NJ to place that high. In his late teenage years, Ankur became a sought after graphic designer and disc jockey, often making thousands a week for his ability to pack a venue and his unique perspective on presenting typography and art in the nightlife scene.

Music & Creativity

For nearly a decade Ankur went by the name DJ Ace and launched multiple mixtapes, music videos, and collaboration events across the eastern seaboard.

As soon as Ankur realized that audiences responded to specific typography and visuals based on their psychological preferences he realized he knew how to create demand for anything. Every experience from his childhood – from watching Zach Morris talk his way out of a problem to playing the drums and realizing that rhythm opens a person’s mind to new information – set him on a course for becoming a marketing genius.

Digital Guerilla Marketing

While at the University of Maryland College Park Ankur utilized these skills to raise funds and host events that drew in thousands from all over the country. The launch of Friendster, MySpace, and Facebook gave Ankur a platform to understand the concept of clout and utilizing messaging to relay communication. He applied his knowledge of coding and automation to systematically create ways to communicate with thousands of people from his dorm room while he was sleeping!

Over the following years, Ankur made it his mission to be a first mover in every communication channel as he refined his messaging and start developing his career.

Pioneering Social Media Influencer Marketing

In 2012, Ankur partnered with Arvin Lal, who just finished a stint on cultural phenomena Jersey Shore and was interested in starting his own Supplement Brand. At the time, Ankur was running a marketing agency called Crimson Lab with Fortune 500 clients and establishing himself as a full-stack web developer that created ROI driven websites for any audience. From their combined efforts Ankur’s first foray into ecommerce found a new outlet to drive explosive revenues. The company literally created hundreds of influencers who are now some of the biggest names in both the fitness industry and social media.

Although it can’t be proven, it was said that at one point in time 1 in every 10 posts on Instagram came from an account or affiliated account that Ankur and his team were involved with.

They started a company called SHREDZ Supplements and took the idea of utilizing social media clout to build social media influencers on a new platform called Instagram. By using raw algorithms and psychology the company had explosive growth generating millions in revenue and became infamous for having unparalleled levels of clout in the fitness industry. Success in one channel led to the launch of Flavor God Seasonings, Skinny Bunny Tea, and several other brands all of which followed the innovative blueprint and generated millions in revenue.

Z to A and #INTHELAB

In the process of developing a roadmap to building CPG brands – Ankur realized that his methodology of reverse engineering solutions could be put into words and shared with the masses so others could follow the blueprint.

Ankur established his mantra of reverse engineering checklists known as the Z to A Method of building a business plan. 

In 2020, Ankur self published his first book titled “Z to A Method” to share his four step mantra:

  • Define the Finish Line
  • Outline the Requirements
  • Identify your Aces
  • Take Action

We Make Supplements

In 2018 after spending a year rebuilding his personal content production team, Ankur partnered with SDC Nutrition to create a YouTube show and Podcast called We Make Supplements with the mission of creating a new sense of transparency for the public and the industry itself when it comes to manufacturing Dietary Nutrition and Sports Supplements.

On the show, Ankur and Sean Marszalek literally pull the curtain open to give insights on what goes on in the industry when it comes to launching brands, regulations, how to not repeat mistakes, and most importantly how to take advantage of shortcuts that their combined 20+ years in the industry can share. The success of the show helped Ankur grow his YouTube following and paved the way for his individualized content on YouTube, LinkedIn, Inc, Huffington Post, and Facebook.


In 2020, Ankur launched About Time to End Hunger a global campaign to provide daily nutrition to any and every community where [Insert USA organization that defines nutrition] is not possible due to economic, natural, or emergency conditions. Partnering with [Insert Manufacturing Organization] the organization successfully provided 10,000 people with daily nutrition for 100 days.

AKG Creative Incorporated

Today, Ankur’s holding company and creative agency holds investments and partnerships with brands that manage over 2000 SKUs in the CPG Industry. These skus are readily featured in publications, listed as top 100 in their categories on e-marketplaces, and sold in retail stores all over the world.