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A handful of simple SEO strategies that can help your business reach international prospects in Q4

September 13, 2022In Articles5 Minutes

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still an essential part of growing your business online. But guess what, if you take advantage of the three aspects in this article and work strategically, you can also reach international prospects and customers.

International SEO #CheatCode For Organic Views

  1. Language Translations
  2. Localization Tags
  3. Country Targeted Hosting


If your goal is to rank for specific keywords in Mexico, it’s imperative that you offer content in multiple languages on your website.

  • The first step is to ensure that each page of your site has been translated into each language. If you’re using a content management system there are plugins that can give you a quick and dirty translation, or you can hire professional translators to ensure the foreign syntax is perfect.
  • Now, a simple cheat code is to have multiple variations of your pages with separate URLs for each translated version on your site. But, you have to be strategic when you build out your sitemap so as not to upset any of the Search algorithms.

But if you trust me… I think you should avoid using automated services to translate your content and instead hire a human translator because search engines don’t value content created with AI translation tools. If you do, sometimes your page gets flagged as spam.


When you’re launching into a new geographic market you have to do everything in your power to get in front of potential customers. So how is this different from just translating the pages on your website? The truth is that translating the words and phrases on your website is just one part of what can guarantee you the results you want.

Localization is when you predict the search habits that different regions use regarding keywords or key phrases. More importantly, by doing the localization step, it’s like you’re telling the search engines that your website is offering unique content for your targetted new market, so there is no overlap between pages.

Some ways you can #CheatCode the system is you offer a glossary for each keyword in every language on your site, and the other is to utilize hreflang tags and attributes in your meta and open graph content to show the engines that the page is directed towards the local language.

The last way you can really take advantage of localization is to link to local content. If you’re site sells a consumer good that is sold in the USA at GNC store locations, but at Popeye’s Supplements in Canada, it’s probably a good idea to make sure your Quebec page on the website is translated into Canadian French and links to the Popeye’s Supplements store instead of to a database of GNC locations.


Many factors are considered by search engines, including where your website is hosted, your web IP address, and all of the information on your web pages…

Check with your hosting provider if there is a way to utilize multiple server instances or content delivery networks (CDNs) to localize the digital content that displays your site on browsers across both desktop and mobile devices.

Increasing international organic web traffic is vital for business growth if your business is ready to go global. Remember to review your predetermined KPIs regularly, respond to the data accordingly, and make necessary changes as you go.

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