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Why everyone should subscribe to Harvard Business Review Digital

September 29, 2022In Articles5 Minutes

Harvard Business Review, in a nutshell

Like many esteemed New England publications, Harvard Business Review, founded in Massachusetts by Harvard Publishing in 1922, stands out for delivering unparalleled business insights. Based in Brighton, Massachusetts, it covers a broad spectrum of topics, from industries and emerging markets to geographic regions and their resources, management functions, and other critical business subjects, serving as a vital resource for serious business owners and entrepreneurs.

Today, the magazine is produced in 13 languages, which says a great deal about its subscribers and the scope of influence it has concerning international trade. Overall, HBR is a publication that caters to a very diverse audience and provides meticulously researched information concerning significant developments in various sectors. 

Harvard Business Review readers and subscribers

Most of the subscribers who read HBR can be classified as leaders, decision-makers, and executives. Whether they lead a billion-dollar corporation or a small but successful private business, businessmen who take their work seriously read HBR to comprehend general management problems better and expand the breadth of their business acumen. In other words, if you run a company (or are hoping to run one in the near future), HBR is what you need to be reading if you want to add to your chances for real success.

Business Review subscription costs

The following three HBR subscription packages and their costs can be found below:

  1. Digital: $12 per month or $99 per year, with an annual term saving of 32% off the original price. Digital access to all HBR articles.
  2. Digital and Print:  $12 per month or $120 per year, with an annual term saving of 17% off the original price. Access to both digital and print editions of HBR.
  3. Premium: $18 per month or $180 per year, with an annual term saving you 17% off the original price. Digital and print access, along with extra premium material available only to premium members.

 While the additional advantages of each of the packages differ, the following come standard in all three packages:

  • Access to all articles with NO restrictions
  • Expertly written material
  • Weekly email newsletter
  • The HBR smartphone app

The value of a Harvard Business Review subscription

The value of reading HBR can be seen from several vantage points. In one way, reading this subscription will keep you informed on current business trends that have real-life effects on the market. In turn, this can help you to stay ahead of the curb and give you the insight you need to be able to adapt to a constantly changing market quickly.

In another way, reading this publication will allow you to learn techniques, strategies, business insights, and proven methods from honest businessmen who have achieved success or contributed to the success of a well-established company. The contributors of HBR focus on writing content aimed at educating and informing their readers about leadership techniques, management abilities, and methods employed by successful industry professionals for running a company.

Business Insights

Harvard Business Insights, in comparison

The Harvard Business Review should realistically be the top choice for anyone who is genuinely seeking to learn about business in a way that can have a positive impact on the real-life execution of business techniques. HBR articles are not meant to present purely theoretical knowledge at an abstract level. In fact, what makes the publication and the information it provides so valuable, particularly when compared to other publications, is the practical application its content can teach readers to utilize in their businesses.

It’s important to note that magazine alternatives to HBR do exist, including MIT Technology Review, The Oxford Review, and The Economist. These alternatives present similar information (at least in some respects) and have varying costs for their subscriptions. However, while these alternatives are excellent, HBR continues, time and time again, to stand out as the best choice for successful individuals around the world.

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