Why every entrepreneur should have a French Press in their morning routine

Why every entrepreneur should have a French Press in their morning routine

October 3, 2022In Articles3 Minutes

Every morning, millions of people wake up, stretch, brush their teeth, and head to the kitchen to prepare their morning cup of coffee. It’s a necessary ritual, an essential system of habit that people (like me) work themselves into and sustain by making a hot caffeinated beverage, without which life just seems impossible. Home kitchens, office break rooms, sales floors at car dealerships, and just about every place of business in the world either has coffee pots or quick access for people to get their caffeine fix.

But have you ever considered how much better your coffee can taste and how much easier cleaning your average coffee maker could be if you were to upgrade to something more sophisticated? Enter the French press. This gorgeous glass vessel, which is both transparent and dishwasher-safe, can make your life easier and your coffee taste better. For you entrepreneurs that read this newsletter, in particular, access to a great cup of coffee in the morning (without the hassle of having to worry about when to clean your coffee machine) can totally improve your morning routine. If you are an individual who is constantly on the move and who values your time, upgrading your coffee brewing game to a French press is not only the better tasting choice, it’s also the smarter choice. 

Some statistics show that over 60 million traditional coffee brewers have been sold on the U.S. market since 2019. These slow drip coffee makers have a clear advisory recommendation that they are flushed and cleaned every 75 to 85 cycles. And let’s be honest, most coffee brewers are rarely cleaned at the recommended rate, leaving the taste of old coffee grounds lingering in the dark recesses of the machine only to be filtered through to every subsequent pot you brew.

With a French press, however, every cup of coffee is guaranteed to be freshly brewed and free of any residue that would taint the delicious taste of great coffee.

This very inexpensive little contraption known as the French press will not only save you time and the hassle of having to clean a bulky slow-drip coffee maker, but it will also ensure that every cup you brew is made to perfection.

So quit wasting your time with cleaning routines for an outdated machine that will only produce generic tasting coffee and start making your life easier and drinking better coffee each morning by investing in a French press.

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